Legal Practice Areas

With in-depth legal knowledge and generous resources, Meyler Legal, PLLC will develop a strategic plan to handle your specific needs. Our goal is to help you get the best outcome possible, no matter the issue. We want you to be satisfied.

Real Estate Law

Our Seattle real estate lawyer can help you with residential or commercial property. Complex real estate matters should be handled by someone who understands how to apply Washington real estate law. Meyler Legal, PLLC can help you navigate a transaction and resolve issues that may arise.

Construction Law

Our construction lawyer will listen to your needs and create a plan to address your problems. Whether you are facing a lawsuit or need to negotiate a contract dispute, Meyler Legal, PLLC has the knowledge to get the job done.

Business Law

At Meyler Legal, PLLC, our business lawyer offers extensive knowledge regarding Washington and federal laws that apply to organizations throughout the state. Our secure and confidential legal advice will help you develop and grow a successful business.


If you’re faced with going to court, you need a litigation lawyer who knows local court procedure as well as state and federal laws that apply to your case. Meyler Legal, PLLC has extensive experience taking lawsuits to trial and winning for our clients.


If you have been hit with a wage garnishment, repossession, or lien, you should immediately call a debt lawyer for practical, no nonsense legal advice. Meyler Legal, LLC will help you understand all your options and ensure you don’t have to handle this situation alone.

Contract Law

A contract lawyer at Meyler Legal, PLLC can review your legal documents and help you prevent and resolve disputes. If you need legal advice regarding a breach of contract or forming an agreement, our experienced attorneys will use our knowledge of Washington contract law to guide you.

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