Client Testimonials

"Sam helped us with a difficult contractual situation during a real estate transaction.

He clarified it from a legal perspective and negotiated with the other party successfully so that a modified contract was set up.

I highly recommend Sam for his legal know-how, availability, and general customer service."
"Samuel was recommended to me by a trusted attorney friend to help with updating a Deed of Trust and Promissory Note on a construction loan.

He was knowledgeable, professional, patient, and thorough and executed and recorded the necessary documents impeccably.

He was also affordable! I recommend hiring Samuel for any real estate related legal expertise you may need."
"I was impressed with Mr Meyler at our initial interaction. We had brief but thorough conversation about my case and he was clear about how he could provide assistance. He offered to meet in person but was also amenable to doing much of our work virtually. This was helpful in my day to day life.

What I admired most about him was he reasoned and realistic approach to my case.

He was always professional and respectful with me and the opposing attorney while being assertive. In our discussions he always answered all my questions and outlined options for proceeding in my case.

He was prudent with his time and expenses. I think he made excellent legal decisions to move my case forward in a timely manner.....and last but not least we won!"
"In my initial phone call, Sam gave me the exact wording of how to reply to a plaintiff and possibly get my entire case closed without need for Sam's involvement at all. Upstanding guy. If this doesn't work, I will definitely be using Sam's services."
"Sam is currently representing me in a complex neighbor harassment and adverse possession scenario and was a referral from a close friend. My neighbor fraudulently tried to claim he owned a piece of my land parcel after 6 months of ongoing harassment despite a no contact order.

He attempted to build a fence through the middle of my property and planned on building a structure that connected to my garage citing a historical side yard easement agreement with the previous owner. Sam was extremely responsive on a weekend no less, to stop the neighbor trespassing on my property, blocked him legally from adverse possession and was extremely patient in explaining the legal process.

He's been extremely patient in translating the legal jargon and outlining my legal options, as well as bringing in specialized counsel in fighting this multi-year case. He's personable, ethical and overall a wonderful person and representation for your legal needs.

He would carefully explain my legal options, costs associated, recommended ways to minimize costs throughout the process and ultimately took my direction in all matters. I can't recommend a better attorney based on my experience and overall satisfaction, Sam is a true gem!"
"I had such a great experience with Sam in dealing with two separate legal issues. He is not only knowledgeable, professional and extremely detail oriented - which truly matters in legal matters, but was super responsive and quick to act whenever I needed him. He kept me informed throughout the process, and gave solid, honest and concise advise. If you're ever seeking legal counsel, I highly recommend his services. Sam is a highly competent attorney and will take great care of you."
"Samuel assisted me with my legal problems with the utmost respect, integrity and professionalism. He is very good at what he does and always provided me with the most astute legal advice pertaining to all my legal questions and concerns. I will be recommending him to any family/friends I have."
"My case is fairly complicated and related to real estate transaction. Samuel is very detail oriented, honest.

He not only kept me informed, not also provided me the many potential outcome with options.

A great professional that I can trust and count on. Will keep him for any future legal matters."
"After buying a new home we had a dispute with the builder. Mr. Meyler did the great job of bringing the dispute to the satisfactory conclusion.

Providing his services, Mr. Meyler has been very sensitive in spending our money, so that sometimes we had to persuade him that our main goal still was to get the job done right, and if he needed additional time, we were ready to pay for it.

The settlement that Mr. Meyler helped us to reach covered our expenses in hiring a substitute contractor, as well as significant part of the attorney’s fees."
Hope and Michael
"I will definitely keep him as my trusted counsel and recommend him to the others. My case is fairly complicated and related to a real estate transaction. Samuel is very detail oriented, honest. He not only kept me informed, not also provided me the many potential outcome with options.

A great professional that I can trust and count on. Will keep him for any future legal matters."
"Sam was/is very knowledgeable in new construction contracts. He helped my wife and I with a resolution to a very stressful situation.

He listened and gave realistic options. Sam was always there when needed and got the job done in a timely matter.

I would recommend this attorney if you have any contract/real estate issues as he represented us with the upmost professionalism, great energy and a positive attitude.

Thank you Samuel for all you do!"
"A few years ago I responded to a summons regarding some old debt. I thought it was taken care of, so when I received a Motion for Default Judgment last year I was confused and frightened. I didn’t think I could afford legal help, and was afraid of being gouged. Fortunately I was referred to Samuel. I quickly realized how fair he was and how easy he was to work with. He was very respectful of my budget, and resolved my case efficiently and effectively. He kept me informed, answered my questions promptly, and gave me good advice. I am extremely grateful to have found such a trustworthy and competent attorney, and I highly recommend Samuel to anyone who needs his services."
"I was referred to Sam by a family member to assist with a situation with my home owners association.

I am a very busy person and work crazy hours, he works hard to get in touch with me, keeps me posted on situations and responds VERY quickly. Although it is never fun when dealing with a situation where you need an attorney, Sam makes a stressful situation easier to deal with and his respect for my finances is appreciated as well.

I highly recommend Sam Meyler!"
"I have nothing but great words to say about my experiences working with Sam! I had an issue with a landlord that was being unreasonable and it got to the point where I had to leave the building for safety issues.

My landlord did not feel the same way and was trying to enforce the terms of the 4 year lease which left me in a bad situation.

I contacted Sam to help with the lease issue. I really respect Sam because he never promised me a result.

He told me based on the information I presented to him and extensive research he did on my lease what the possible outcomes could be. This made me feel comfortable because it was very clear that the work he did was well thought out, it made sense and he explained it in a way that I could understand.

Sam wrote a letter to my landlord's lawyer that was so well constructed and well thought out that I believe it completely changed their stance on the matter and ended up extremely happy with the result!

I would have to say that Sam won my business and I frequently recommend Sam to business associates."
"Attorney Samuel Meyler was efficient, professional, and very knowledgeable in all dealings regarding my case. He was always quick to respond and was very patient with all of my questions. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking legal counsel."
"I have had the pleasure of Samuel’s counsel and representation twice over the pasts 3 years for a 21 year old infraction that was interfering with my ability to obtain a license. On both occasions, his expertly crafted responses to the governing faction of my profession allowed me to continue working in the profession that I love. Samuel possess integrity of the highest caliber and is my “go to guy” for any legal consult!"
"Great Attorney! Master negotiator and very through. Has done a great job for me. I would highly recommend him."
"I am a real estate broker in Bellevue, WA. I have had the opportunity to work with Mr. Meyler on several occaisions. Not only is he the attorney who handles my personal matters, but he's become a trusted advisor for my clients and an integral part of my client service model. His thoughtful advice, level headed confidence and overall knowledge base are indispensible. I whole heartedly endorse him!"
"I have used Sam for several legal matters and have been extremely happy with the results. He is very timely and precise and communicates very well with his clients. His billing practices are very fair and I would recommend him to anyone I know. Most importantly, I felt that his number one concern was what was best for his client. Thanks Sam."
"We hired Sam to handle the business related services which was significant to our startup. In our opinion, Sam was very competent in assisting us in the area of business, furthermore he took the time to explain and follow through with our legal concerns. In our opinion, Sam has done a great job in handling our legal matters for our company. We would recommend Sam without any hesitation in the field of business law."
David, IGB, LLC.
Sam did a great job representing me. Sam is a highly competent and trustworthy lawyer. I can recommend Sam without any reservations at all. He represented me in a complicated construction defects case and I am completely happy with the outcome he achieved for me."
"Professional, detail oriented, accessible, responsive and most of all knowledgeable; these are just a few of the qualities possessed by Sam Meyler. Our previous attorney would spend too much time on issues we felt a first year law student could handle with relative ease. The legal guidance we received would echo that sentiment. So when we were looking for an attorney to manage the legal issues of our real estate firm we felt fortunate to come across Sam. His responses were detailed, accurate, timely and always with our best interest in mind. Sam's level of expertise and professionalism, plus his efforts to guide us through the complex labyrinth of legal issues related to our industry makes Sam an asset that can't be replaced. We have complete faith and trust in his legal expertise. Sam has taken us from a start-up to the 2nd fastest growing private business in Washington State by providing excellent care of the many legal issues our firm deals with on a weekly basis."

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